Heinold, Ehrhardt: Tales of Arks, Angels and Nutcrackers

Ehrhardt Heinold,
Tales of Arks, Angels and Nutcrackers
Folk Art from the Erz Mountains
96 Seiten, zahlreiche farbige Abbildungen, gebunden
ISBN 978-3-89876-300-4
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Ehrhardt Heinold’s illustrated book is an inviting encyclopaedia of Erzgebirgian arts and crafts. The book shows the trade of the production of richly ornamented wooden toys and decoration articles in the traditional and innovative Erzgebirgian style, e. g. wooden building sets, jumping jacks, Punch-and-Judy stages, dollhouses, Christmas pyramids und Christmas Tree ornaments, Schwibboegen, light holders, Advent houses, Erz Mountain miniatures, smokemen, music boxes and Easter- as well as Birthday table decoration articles. Additionally, an idea of folkloristic and mythological aspects of this region is given. „Tales of Arks, Angels and Nutcrackers” is a mine of useful information for everyone who is interested in Erzgebirgian culture.

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